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French-Romanian Health Care Association.


Who are we ?

Association SANATATEA is an initiative of a French-Romanian medical team, founded in 1990 by a group of health care professionals of the area of Armentières (Northern France), working in the Hospital complex or downtown. This association links the doctors and paramedics of Armentières to those of several Romanian establishments in the north of Transylvania, the region called Maramures.
" Sanatatea " quite simply means " Health " in Romanian.

What do we do ?

More than twenty missions have already been undertaken since the start-up of SANATATEA. These missions made it possible to establish close contacts between the medical personnel of the two regions. Our association has organized many exchanges between the various services of the two Hospital of Cluj-Napoca and Armentières. This frequent "on site" visits, enabled us to discover the specific difficulties of the dispensaries and other peripheral establishments that international assistance tends to overlook. Thus,  for the past several trips, we have made a particular effort with this regard, toward some establishments chosen for the high professional and human value their persons in charge. Significant loads not only of drugs, of medical supplies (dental, physical therapy, operating theatre, portable medical, maternity, radiology and  gynaecology equipment...) but also of products of hygiene, computer equipment or office furniture and professional documentation, have been delivered during these thirteen years. This equipment, duly collected, sorted, classified, loaded and carried under our care, was always handed over directly to the doctors by voluntary workers. After years of cooperation, the Romanian and French volunteers who started the association became friends, and thus, the help given is assumed of maximum effectiveness. At the same time, the Romanian administration has progressively set up rigorous procedures of management (transport, storage, accountancy, control...) especially adapted to the donations.

How do we do it ?

SANATATEA is a voluntary association, which is affiliated to no other organization. Our means are therefore the enthusiasm of our members, the support of several regular or occasional sponsors, and the benefit of events which we organize, to advertise and finance our activities. Since its birth, our association involves people of other professional backgrouds, in order to better manage non-medical aspects of its activities: finance, logistics, communication, regulation. A member of the association, a retired French doctor, is part time in Romania. He provides us with advices before decision, on site follow-up of the action, and regular medical and financial reports. He does it for other associations too.

Which are our projects ?

Since a year ago, we have joined other associations to deal with more significant and long term projects. But, as of now, we are preparing the following missions, by continuing our efforts toward the dispensaries and peripheral or associated establishments. More specificaly, after having carried out vaccinations in an orphanage (an action coordinated with the local authorities), and launched with two partners a nutritional and medical program in this establishment, we have participated to the creation of two "family houses" for the children old enough to leave the orphanage. We continue our support to the setting up of an associated medico-social center, and to a dispensary for old people. We continue to help maintain the supply of hospital-specific drugs  to the services of the central hospital of Cluj-Napoca.

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